The Kaiser Family Relies on CFO  

Michelle Kaiser, her husband, and son all trust their Orthopedic Care to Dr. Robert Zanotti and CFO’s competent and caring staff.

Patients with chronic conditions get to know doctors and their treatment centers very well. They also often face unique challenges in navigating a sometimes complicated healthcare system full of referrals, pre-approvals, and other insurance complications. This can encapsulate the phrase “adding insult to injury,” as patients who do not feel well have to find the energy and stamina to advocate for themselves.

Here at CFO, patients are not alone in this journey. Michelle Kaiser, who has been seeing Dr. Zanotti for six years for her bad knees, found this to be true as she went through the process of getting approval for her orthovisc injections.

Michelle, a nurse and former health facility administrator, is no stranger to navigating the medical system. Yet, even for her, the procedures were incredibly frustrating.

“I was having a really bad experience trying to get my shots approved, so I talked with Dr. Zanotti’s Clinical Assistant, Val, about my issues. She jumped in and helped advocate and navigate the process with me. She called me at every step and followed through with everything. And, ever since that time, she has continued to do that and so I always know what’s going on. She does it for my medications and everything else that my family and I need done.”

Michelle’s husband and son also see Dr. Robert Zanotti, and work with Val, and the whole family appreciates the entire CFO staff.

Michelle says, “My husband and son are also very pleased with everything at CFO. The secretaries are always helpful and nice. The X-ray folks are competent and efficient. I would, and I have, recommended people to come and get treated here at CFO.”

And, of course, they’re all big fans of Dr. Robert Zanotti himself.

“He is a straight shooter and tells it to you the way it is. I like that. He’s also humorous, intelligent, and I like him to give me my shots himself, which he always does.”

If you and your family need orthopedic care, click or call 440-329-2800 to schedule your appointment with Dr. Robert Zanotti and The Center for Orthopedics today.

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An Essential Second Opinion


Jackie Koepf is no stranger to Center for Orthopedics. She works at UH Elyria Medical Center checking in patients. So the day after her trip to the ER for a broken wrist, she scheduled a next day appointment at CFO’s Orthopedic Injury Clinic.

“I broke my wrist after a fall decorating a Christmas tree. I stepped on a wicker stool to reach something and that’s the last thing I remember.”

Jackie hit her head, broke some ribs and broke her wrist. “When I got to the ER my wrist was deformed, but they decided not to reset it or do surgery. I felt that I needed a second opinion because it looked so bad. Visually it jutted to the left at this odd angle.”

Her instincts were correct. When she came into the Injury Clinic, and saw Dr Marsh, he took one look at the wrist and said, “You need surgery.” Jackie, however, did not want to do surgery and asked about other options.

“I’m the kind of person who barely takes over the counter pain medication. I didn’t want to have surgery if I didn’t have to. Dr. Marsh let me know there was another, not very pleasant option — manipulation. I knew it was the harder road, but I opted for 30 to 40 min. of excruciating pain. And, for me, it was worth it.”

After the manipulation procedure, Jackie said she felt immediate relief from ongoing nausea she’d had since the accident. And, that morning of the appointment, the Injury Clinic staff set up once a week appointments for follow up and helped her schedule physical therapy with a hand specialist.

Jackie said that the Physicians Assistant, Amanda, was “phenomenal.”

“I let her know couldn’t drive and she went above and beyond — sorting the paperwork and faxing everything for me, so that I didn’t have to do any running around.”

The entire experience at the Center For Orthopedics Injury Clinic was overwhelmingly positive for Jackie, who described the process as “a well oiled machine.”

“You walk into a full waiting room, but it’s so efficient. It worked out so well. They were really on top of everything. I had a great experience with Dr. Marsh. He’s a good guy. He’s down to earth, kind, and I never felt rushed.”

While Jackie doesn’t recommend getting injured, if you do, she does recommend an appointment at the Orthopedic Injury Clinic after you go to the ER. “I’m very glad I got the second opinion about my wrist. Dr. Marsh and I were both in agreement that it needed more attention.”

If you suffer from trauma that affects joints and bones, consider a trip to one of our four Center for Orthopedics Injury Clinics.  Click HERE to learn more or call 440-329-2800.

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ACL Reconstruction Gets Player Back on Court

Emily Gardner’s full ACL tear took her out of her freshman season, but she’ll be ready for sophomore year thanks to Dr. Daniel Zanotti and the PT team at CFO.

High school freshman, Emily Gardner, is a front row hitter in competitive club volleyball year round. While in Chicago, at a game on Easter weekend, she was close to the net for a tight set, scored the point, and came down hard.

Emily says, “I didn’t think I tore my ACL, but I heard a pop and wasn’t sure what it was, but I could walk on it.”

Her parents in the stands were holding their breath. Emily’s Mom, Kim, says, “Our hearts sank. We hoped it was a strain and sprain. But we got home and went to the CFO injury clinic to get X-rays and MRI results. It was a complete tear of the ACL.”

In addition to the left ACL tear, Emily had a torn meniscus, and Dr. Daniel Zanotti knew that reconstructive surgery was the best treatment for both injuries. Unfortunately, it meant Emily would be off her Freshman High school team, but would be ready to play again in her Sophomore year, which is the season that matters for college recruitment.

“I love volleyball,” Emily says, “It’s like my life. I want to play D2 Volleyball in college on scholarship.”

Kim, Emily and family are pleased with Emily’s post surgical recovery. Kim is a nurse and has been impressed with the low post-surgery pain levels and the physical therapy support Emily has received from CFO and her school Athletic trainer, who works closely with Emily’s PT team.

Kim says, “She never needed all that much pain medication because there was not much pain to speak of. Six months out from the April surgery, and she’s running on a 12% incline on the treadmill with no pain and she’s had no pain through all of rehab. And, this has not gotten her spirits down. She’s amazing.”

Emily has taken charge of her rehab and works diligently at her PT appointments, home and school, where she can use the high school gym with her Athletic trainer.

Emily says, “I have a Physical Therapy team that has really helped me, and at-school PT has been cool. I miss playing a lot, but I should definitely be playing next year.”

Everyone here at CFO is rooting for Emily and wishing her and her family the best of luck on next year’s season. If your student athlete is injured at a game, come to our CFO Injury Clinic or call 440.329.2800 to make your appointment today.

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