Back to Work in a Few Weeks with MAKOplasty

March 1, 2017


Ron Bakalar, aged 79, can’t remember when he first started having trouble with his left knee. But his now-late doctor, who originally diagnosed the loose cartilage, told Ron he wasn’t a candidate for knee replacement. Ron had been uncomfortable ever since, but knew since it wasn’t a bone on bone injury, he was going to have to live with it.

Then he happened to see a newspaper article about a seminar that Dr. Krebs was putting on for MAKOplasty Partial Knee Resurfacing and decided to go learn more.

The procedure allows a surgeon to target only the damaged portion of a patient’s knee. Robotic technology assists in both the design and implant of the partial replacement for optimal alignment, security and movement.  UH Elyria Medical Center is the only hospital in the area with Mako technology.

The MAKOplasty procedure is an FDA-approved treatment for patients who suffer from osteoarthritis in the inner, or medial, part of the knee.

MAKOplasty patients tend to fall into two groups:

  • Younger, active patients who find they can no longer run, play tennis and do the things they enjoy because of their knee arthritis.  
  • Older patients with arthritis. MAKOplasty is much less invasive than a total knee replacement. It’s an operation done through a very small incision—only two to three inches vs. eight inches for a total knee replacement—and it involves only an overnight hospital stay.

After the seminary, Ron thought: I could be a candidate for this. “I talked to Dr. Krebs and he agreed. I had the surgery this past November 30th.”

It went better than Ron could have ever anticipated. He especially appreciated the hospital therapist, Sharon Hill, affectionately known as “Sarge.”

“She did an outstanding job with me in the hospital. Then when I got back to my condo, the therapist came twice a week and that went really well too.”

Ron was able to start driving again after the staples were removed and was back to work shortly thereafter at his part-time job as a home inspector for First Federal. “Everything was handled so professionally. I was very impressed.”

So impressed that he would definitely recommend this procedure to others: “If you are uncomfortable and don’t have bone on bone issues, than absolutely. You should consider Makoplasty.”  And, he adds, “Dr. Krebs deserves an A+ for the surgery. I have had no problems. No pain. And I don’t need a cane to walk. I’m glad I saw that notice in the paper.”

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