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Lower Back Pain Basics

  Lower back pain episodes, that resolve within 2 weeks, are typically caused by muscle strain or spasm. Even though this doesn’t sound serious, the pain can be severe. Strains, muscle spasms and other issues in the lumbar portion of the back are common because this area bears much of the body’s weight during walking, […]

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Caring for Senior Athletes

Senior athletes have spent their whole lives pushing themselves out of their comfort zones.  Unfortunately, aging bodies don’t respond the same to “toughing it out.” There are declines in muscle mass, bone mass and weakening of ligaments, tendons and cartilage to consider. Yet senior athletes are also minimizing some of this weakening by staying active, […]

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Not Your Father’s Back Surgery

Minimally Invasive Spine Surgery Leads to Faster Recovery Most all 20th century back surgery was done via “Open Surgery.” In this more traditional approach, the doctor makes an incision that is 5 to 6 in. long and “opens” or moves the surrounding tissue to access the area needing surgical treatment.  Now, thanks to advances in […]

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