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Hip Pain Causes and Treatments

Your hip joints take an amazing amount of wear and tear. In addition to holding up a large portion of your weight, they are often in motion. Although they’re typically hard working and durable, hip joints can suffer from wear, tear and injury, which causes pain. Common Causes of Hip Pain in Older Adults: Osteoarthritis […]

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Facts About Cortisone Injections

Cortisone shots or injections are known by many names including injectable steroids and injectable corticosteroids. They are an anti-inflammatory drug (that can also be given orally or intravenously) administered through injection into an inflamed problem area. Injectable corticosteroids are effective for administering a high dose of medication directly to a problem area and are typically […]

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Arthroscopic Surgery at CFO

Arthroscopic surgery, or Arthroscopy, is a minimally invasive procedure used to view, diagnose and treat problems inside a joint. Although joint replacement can’t be done with Arthroscopy, repairs and reconstructions in the shoulder, knee, hip and elsewhere can be treated with this procedure. Common arthroscopic surgeries include repairing a torn meniscus, hip ligament or damaged […]

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