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Do you Have Carpal Tunnel?

According to a 2010 CDC survey, “3.1% of employed adults aged 18–64 years had carpal tunnel syndrome.” Older people and women are more at risk for developing carpal tunnel, as are those in assembly line jobs. Carpal tunnel is essentially compression of the median nerve in the tunnel running down the wrist on the palm […]

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Conditions of the Hand and Wrist

Typing, eating, handwriting, and even opening packages or jars require full, preferably pain-free, use of the hands and wrists. But when experiencing a disabling condition like arthritis or tendinitis, these everyday tasks can become a difficult challenge. Here are some of the common conditions that can affect the wrist and hand: Arthritis Basal joint arthritis […]

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Carpal Tunnel or Thumb Arthritis?

Think You Have Carpal Tunnel Syndrome? Your pain could actually be caused by basal joint (thumb) arthritis. Have you been treated for carpal tunnel syndrome, but still have pain? “Many patients with arthritis in the basal joint of the thumb, just above the wrist, are misdiagnosed as having carpal tunnel syndrome,” says board-certified hand surgeon John […]

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