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Arthritis of the Spine Seminar

Dr. Robert Berkowitz will be giving a community education seminar on the topic, Arthritis of the Spine, Monday, September 28 at 1pm at the O’neill Healthcare Skilled and Assisted Living Facility in North Ridgeville.  The event is free and open to the public. Those wishing to attend should RSVP by Friday, September 23rd by calling […]

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Myths and Facts About Herniated Discs

  There are twenty-three discs in the spine acting as shock absorbers between vertebrae. The discs have a tough outer portion surrounding a gel-like inner core or nucleus. There are some misconceptions about disc problems that stem in part from mid-20th-century treatments and prognosis.   We talked with Dr. Robert Berkowitz to address these myths […]

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Patient Drives Across Ohio for Dr. John Krebs’ Expertise

Back in 2004, Paul Metzendorf heard the bad news.  His knee was bone on bone. At the time, his current orthopedic surgeon in Warren, OH, had heard about a then-new procedure called a unicondylar (or partial) knee replacement, but he had never done one.  He let Paul know that he planned to travel to Sheffield […]

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