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“Rebuilt” by Dr. Robert Zanotti – Innovative Procedure, Inspired Relationship

Ruth Twardzik talks about her unique relationship with Dr. Zanotti and the pioneering procedure they both brought to Lorain County. Ruth Twardzik has struggled with arthritis since 1965. Now she jokes that she has been rebuilt by Dr. Robert Zanotti. He’s replaced both of her knees, one hip, one shoulder and this year the second […]

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Water skiing, Phys Ed Teacher Keeps Doing it All with New Hip

When Dr. Robert Zanotti walked into Richard Garvelink’s examining room, Garvelink said he gave him a “funny look.” As it turns out, the look was genuine surprise. Dr. Zanotti said, ‘I thought you were going to be 75. That hip is not pretty.” Richard, however, is only 60, and also very active. He’s a high […]

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Pain Free After Hip Replacement

Walter Mackin was pain free and back to work in one week after Dr. John Krebs performed hip replacement surgery. Ten years ago, construction contractor, Walter Mackin, fell 20 feet off a ladder directly onto concrete and shattered his pelvis. His femur bone went through the back of his pelvis and he reset the hip […]

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