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Sisters Get Knee Replacements on Same Day

Dr. Stanfield does bilateral knee replacements, on the same day, for sisters Jill and Sheila. Sisters share a lot of things — clothes, secrets, orthopedic surgeons. Well, that last one is probably unique to Sheila Pavlik and Jill Mourino, who both had total knee replacement surgery, on both knees, with Dr. William Stanfield. And, yes, […]

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TKR Patient Bound for Olympics… or Golf Course

Robert Pesti is almost fully recovered from his second total knee replacement and ready to take on the world.  “Look for me in the Senior Olympics. I’m going to set the new record in the Senior High Jump. It’s currently 1 ft. 2 inches.” All joking aside, Robert is thrilled to be back to his […]

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Two New Pain Free Knees

Patient says Dr. Robert Zanotti, “Talented Surgeon and Caring Doctor”   When Linda Zochowski was living in Michigan in 2006, she fell on an icy sidewalk and landed square on her knees. Although she had surgery afterwards for a damaged meniscus, walking was never quite the same. She missed pain free activities like bowling, bike […]

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