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The Kaiser Family Relies on CFO  

Michelle Kaiser, her husband, and son all trust their Orthopedic Care to Dr. Robert Zanotti and CFO’s competent and caring staff. Patients with chronic conditions get to know doctors and their treatment centers very well. They also often face unique challenges in navigating a sometimes complicated healthcare system full of referrals, pre-approvals, and other insurance […]

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An Essential Second Opinion

After Jackie broke her wrist, ER docs said it would be fine, but she’s glad she double checked with Dr. Marsh at the Center for Orthopedics Injury Clinic. Jackie Koepf is no stranger to Center for Orthopedics. She works at UH Elyria Medical Center checking in patients. So the day after her trip to the […]

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“Rebuilt” by Dr. Robert Zanotti – Innovative Procedure, Inspired Relationship

Ruth Twardzik talks about her unique relationship with Dr. Zanotti and the pioneering procedure they both brought to Lorain County. Ruth Twardzik has struggled with arthritis since 1965. Now she jokes that she has been rebuilt by Dr. Robert Zanotti. He’s replaced both of her knees, one hip, one shoulder and this year the second […]

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