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Water skiing, Phys Ed Teacher Keeps Doing it All with New Hip

When Dr. Robert Zanotti walked into Richard Garvelink’s examining room, Garvelink said he gave him a “funny look.” As it turns out, the look was genuine surprise. Dr. Zanotti said, ‘I thought you were going to be 75. That hip is not pretty.” Richard, however, is only 60, and also very active. He’s a high […]

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Shoulder “Stronger Than Ever” after Surgery

Rotator Cuff Repair Gets Fireman Back on Full Duty Fireman, Eric Dudziak, got a partial tear in his rotator cuff on the job two years ago. Workers Comp put him through physical therapy.   He says, “I ended up at about 80%.” Eric serves as the Fire Marshall and 80% got him back on call […]

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Sisters Get Knee Replacements on Same Day

Dr. Stanfield does bilateral knee replacements, on the same day, for sisters Jill and Sheila. Sisters share a lot of things — clothes, secrets, orthopedic surgeons. Well, that last one is probably unique to Sheila Pavlik and Jill Mourino, who both had total knee replacement surgery, on both knees, with Dr. William Stanfield. And, yes, […]

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