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What is Frozen Shoulder?

Women 40 years of age and older are most likely to develop “frozen shoulder,” technically called, adhesive capsulitis. Some medical conditions, such as diabetes, cardiovascular disease or after breast surgery, can be associated with frozen shoulder, but the condition can and often does occur in any individual, male or female, without any predisposing medical condition […]

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Avoiding Turkey Day Trauma

The American College of Emergency Physicians (ACEP), wants you to stay safe this Thanksgiving weekend. And while burns and food poisoning may pose the highest risk, pick-up games of family football DO make their list for potential ER visits. Dr. Robert Glatter, a NYC emergency physician and advisor to & Forbes, reports that concussion […]

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Honeymoon Saved by The Center for Orthopedics

Patrick Straffen was wrapping up his wedding reception, dancing after a long and fun day, when he slipped and fell. While people may think he’d had a few too many, this was not the case, he just lost his balance and landed poorly. “It took the wind out of me, but I was able to […]

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