Cell Therapy Q&A with Dr. Dan Zanotti

February 9, 2016

DZanotti FB2Center for Orthopedics offers leading edge treatment in Cell Therapy for joint, tendon and inflammatory issues. This innovative treatment uses your body’s cells to repair its own tissues.

What is Cell Therapy?

Through Platelet Rich Plasma (PRP) Injections an individual’s own intact, living cellular materials— platelets, white blood cells, or stem cells are reintroduced into the body to help heal and treat issues arising from inflammation or arthritis. In that procedure, which has been done regularly at the Center for Orthopedics since 2011, patients give their own blood and we use a centrifuge to extract platelets and inject them into the site of the injury to help healing.

Now, with Advanced PRP (APRP), we are extracting other cells from other areas of the body to meet more healing needs.

Who is a good candidate for Cell Therapy? What joints is it used in?

Right now it’s used for tendonitis and inflammatory issues in joints and is very popular in sports medicine. It’s also used to help with Osteoarthritis. The clinical trial work is done mostly with knees, but cell therapy can be done in many joints.

How and where do you get the cells?

DNAWith basic PRP Injections, we draw blood, isolate platelets, and inject them back into the patient. With Advanced Cell Therapy, we can extract cells from fat tissue or bone marrow concentrate, and inject them into the patient.

One of the most innovative things about Cell Therapy is the ability to extract the most effective combination of cells for the patient’s specific needs. Since we’re extracting platelets, white blood cells and stem cells, we can change percentages of each to the ideal level before injecting them back into the injury site.

How do you know if Cell Therapy is right for you?

Schedule a consultation with one of our specialists and we will talk through all your different treatment options. Just call 440.329.2800 and we’ll see you as soon as we can and get you on the road to recovery.


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