An Essential Second Opinion

October 19, 2017

After Jackie broke her wrist, ER docs said it would be fine, but she’s glad she double checked with Dr. Marsh at the Center for Orthopedics Injury Clinic.

Jackie Koepf is no stranger to Center for Orthopedics. She works at UH Elyria Medical Center checking in patients. So the day after her trip to the ER for a broken wrist, she scheduled a next day appointment at CFO’s Orthopedic Injury Clinic.

“I broke my wrist after a fall decorating a Christmas tree. I stepped on a wicker stool to reach something and that’s the last thing I remember.”

Jackie hit her head, broke some ribs and broke her wrist. “When I got to the ER my wrist was deformed, but they decided not to reset it or do surgery. I felt that I needed a second opinion because it looked so bad. Visually it jutted to the left at this odd angle.”

Her instincts were correct. When she came into the Injury Clinic, and saw Dr Marsh, he took one look at the wrist and said, “You need surgery.” Jackie, however, did not want to do surgery and asked about other options.

“I’m the kind of person who barely takes over the counter pain medication. I didn’t want to have surgery if I didn’t have to. Dr. Marsh let me know there was another, not very pleasant option — manipulation. I knew it was the harder road, but I opted for 30 to 40 min. of excruciating pain. And, for me, it was worth it.”

After the manipulation procedure, Jackie said she felt immediate relief from ongoing nausea she’d had since the accident. And, that morning of the appointment, the Injury Clinic staff set up once a week appointments for follow up and helped her schedule physical therapy with a hand specialist.

Jackie said that the Physicians Assistant, Amanda, was “phenomenal.”

“I let her know couldn’t drive and she went above and beyond — sorting the paperwork and faxing everything for me, so that I didn’t have to do any running around.”

The entire experience at the Center For Orthopedics Injury Clinic was overwhelmingly positive for Jackie, who described the process as “a well oiled machine.”

“You walk into a full waiting room, but it’s so efficient. It worked out so well. They were really on top of everything. I had a great experience with Dr. Marsh. He’s a good guy. He’s down to earth, kind, and I never felt rushed.”

While Jackie doesn’t recommend getting injured, if you do, she does recommend an appointment at the Orthopedic Injury Clinic after you go to the ER. “I’m very glad I got the second opinion about my wrist. Dr. Marsh and I were both in agreement that it needed more attention.”

If you suffer from trauma that affects joints and bones, consider a trip to one of our four Center for Orthopedics Injury Clinics.  Click HERE to learn more or call 440-329-2800.

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