Hip Resurfacing Lets Boomers Stay Active

December 5, 2013

Donald Kempf has won two Scott Firefighter Combat Challenge awards since his hip resurfacing

Donald Kempf has won two Scott
Firefighter Combat Challenge
awards since his hip resurfacing

After hip resurfacing, patient wins two Firefighter Combat Challenges

“I’ve always been athletic,” says City of Cleveland Firefighter Donald Kempf, 55. “But when my left hip started hurting me, I thought my athletic life was done. The doctors believe my hip condition is genetic,” he explains. “My father has had five hip replacements. It all started when he was my age.

“A couple of years ago, my left hip started hurting me,” Kempf recalls. “I went a whole year in agonizing pain, just limping around. “I was kind of afraid of surgery,” he admits. “I knew about traditional hip replacement—you can still stay active, but it’s more like golf and walking around and things like that. I wasn’t quite ready to give up my crazy stuff.”

Kempf’s ‘crazy stuff’— The Scott Firefighter Combat Challenge

Kempf’s is an avid competitor in the Scott Firefighter Combat Challenge®—as seen on ESPN and Versus. In that competition, pairs of competitors, wearing “full bunker gear” and breathing apparatus, race head-to-head as they simulate the physical demands of firefighting by performing a linked series of five tasks including climbing a five-story tower, hoisting, chopping, dragging hoses and rescuing a life-sized 175-pound “victim.”

A fellow firefighter who had hip resurfacing by Dr. William Stanfield told Kempf about the procedure. “He would see me limping around and go, ‘What are you waiting for?’” Kempf  recalls. “So I finally made an appointment to see Dr. Stanfield.” Hip resurfacing preserves range of motion “Hip resurfacing allows you a lot more freedom of movement than total hip replacement,” Dr. Stanfield explains. “It’s more like re-creating the normal hip anatomy than changing it, which is what total hip replacement does.

“I told Mr. Kempf before surgery that I couldn’t make him any promises, but hip resurfacing would be the only way he would have a chance to get back to doing the firefighters competition,”  Dr. Stanfield recalls. “There wouldn’t be any way to do that with a full hip replacement.” Kempf had hip resurfacing in October 2008. “The day of surgery, my hip pain was gone!” he says. I  was back to work in six weeks—and back to my training.”

“By the following August, 10 months after surgery, I won the over-50 portion of the event in Windsor, Ontario. “A couple of months later, I won in my age group at a competition in Indiana as well. I’m really happy with the surgery and with Dr. Stanfield,” says Kempf. “And he’s athletic himself, which made me comfortable.”

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