Honeymoon Saved by The Center for Orthopedics

October 23, 2014

Straffen-NapaValleyBalloonRidePatrick Straffen was wrapping up his wedding reception, dancing after a long and fun day, when he slipped and fell. While people may think he’d had a few too many, this was not the case, he just lost his balance and landed poorly.

“It took the wind out of me, but I was able to get up and walk with help. It wasn’t swollen or purple, so we all figured it was a sprain.”

But after two nights of severe pain and being unable to place weight on his leg, Patrick started to wonder about the severity of this “sprain” and whether he could still catch the honeymoon flight that Tuesday.

When his wife emailed her boss a propped-ankle picture saying her honeymoon trip might be postponed, he replied that they needed to call Dr. Dan Zanotti at The Center for Orthopedics.

Dr. Zanotti was able to see Patrick early Sunday morning.

Straffen-InSonoma“I figured he’d tell me it was a bad sprain and maybe I’d have a boot for the honeymoon, but I could tell when he walked in that it was more serious.”

Dr. Zanotti told him that, not only had he broken his ankle, but it was bad enough to require surgery.

“My mind is racing wondering if I can go on the honeymoon; will I hobble around miserable and come back to have surgery? I am trying to figure this all out when he says, ‘We can do it this afternoon.’”

Dr. Stanfield did the procedure on Monday at 1:30, putting in a plate and 3 screws, and Patrick was home by 6:30 that night.

“I got up and went to Napa on crutches. No postponing the trip. You might say they saved our honeymoon.”

While the situation was not ideal, Patrick says the care exceeded his expectations. “The people at Center for Orthopedics were great. Everyone from reception to the techs and the docs. They all got to know me and I was able to ask questions and get the answers I needed. They were wonderful.”

If you suffer an Orthopedic injury, call The Center for Orthopedics at 440.329.2800 and schedule an appointment at one of our Orthopedic Injury Clinics.

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