Meet CFO’s Physical Therapy Manager Al Qahwash

September 16, 2015

IMG_7171We sat down with The Center for Orthopedics Physical Therapy Manager, Al Qahwash, to learn about the how The Center For Orthopedics PT department gets patients back into their active lifestyles.

Q. When did you first become interested in Physical Therapy?

A. I first became interested in Physical Therapy when I injured myself in college. I was interested in what they were doing to help me and decided to do some observation hours. I enjoyed it so much, I went into the field.

Q. When did you begin working for CFO?

A. I started at CFO in December of 2013. I was managing a orthopedic clinic and pain management office prior to joining the CFO team.

Q. What is the process for Physical Therapy?  For example, is it done after a procedure in hospital or is it done at the CFO office?

A. Physical Therapy starts with an initial evaluation with one of our Physical Therapists who will determine the best course of treatment based on your impairments. Our therapists have specialties that serve many musculoskeletal and neurological impairments. This would include post-surgical rehab and acute injury.

Our rehab and surgical team do a great job of making sure patients have a smooth transition from the pre-operative appointments to post-operative appointments. Patients feel more at ease if they are shown what to expect and understand the typical timeline for recovery. We have in-services with the hospital rehab team, as well as rehab facilities at CFO, to make sure that there is consistency for the patient whether they start in out-patient Physical Therapy or go to a rehab facility.


Q. Can a person visit The Center for Orthopedics Physical Therapy Department?

A. Anyone can come and visit CFO and take a tour. We do have patients that come from an hour away to do their therapy here because of our reputation. We give tours to any patient who is interested. We have a wonderful facility that caters to all ages and impairments.

Q. Do patients come to the Physical Therapy department directly or do they need a referral?

A. We do see patients directly, but most of our patients come in with a referral.

Q. How long does Physical Therapy treatment​ typically last?

A. Treatment varies based on your condition. At the minimum, patients are typically here for one hour. Our more functional patients, and work-injury related patients, might be here longer as their program progresses. Our goal is to get these patients better than they were before their injury so they don’t have a chance of re-injury at home or in the workplace.

We do a lot of education on lifting mechanics as well as body positions at home and during their work day. We also offer Functional Capacity Evaluations for patients to determine the level of safe function to return to work as well as work-conditioning to get patients back to their work level.

Q. What is the one thing you feel is most important for a patient’s success in Physical Therapy?

A. We see success with patients who are very dedicated to the home exercise program we provide. Having patients working with the therapist and having that open line of communication really supports a good working relationship with the patient and rehab team. This will have positive benefit for the patient and their recovery.
Have you been injured at work or at home?  Call The Center for Orthopedics at 440.329.2800.  Our physicians and physical therapists can help restore your active lifestyle.


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