Pain Free After Hip Replacement

May 8, 2017

Walter Mackin was pain free and back to work in one week after Dr. John Krebs performed hip replacement surgery.

Ten years ago, construction contractor, Walter Mackin, fell 20 feet off a ladder directly onto concrete and shattered his pelvis. His femur bone went through the back of his pelvis and he reset the hip himself that day. Understandably, he had some trouble afterwards. But he decided to wait on a hip replacement.

“I would hear horror stories from friends and see lawsuit commercials on TV. I decided to just live with the fact that one of my legs was 1 inch shorter than the other.”

During that 10 years of waiting, Walter continued having good medical experiences with the doctors at The Center for Orthopedics. He had his right rotator cuff repaired by Dr. Robert Zanotti and then, after a car accident, had damage repaired his other shoulder… again by Dr. Zannoti.

Walter’s wife worked with Dr. John Krebs at the hospital and knew about the good experiences his patients were having with newer hip replacement technology. All the while, Walter carried around CFO business cards to pass out to his construction worker friends that needed work done. “I’d always just hand them a car and tell them, ‘These guys are good.’”

One day, he realized, it was time to take care of the hip. “I am 73 and my father lived to be 100. It was time to take care of it,” Walter says. He also advises others not to wait. “Don’t be foolish. Don’t listen to the horror stories. Why live with the problems? Don’t hesitate. It’s a better outcome than what you’ve got.”

He had the hip replacement surgery with Dr. Krebs and left the hospital in 3 days. Best of all, he reports he was pain free and physical therapy was a breeze.

“The day after surgery, they told me to get up and walk to the door, but I just walked the entire hallway and all around the nurses station. They made me carry the walker, but I didn’t really need it.”

The next day Walter walked to physical therapy, where they informed him he was way ahead of schedule on recovery. He was able to get in and out of his car that day, and went home the next day. “I carried my walker into my follow up with Dr. Krebs. I thought he might want me to keep it around, but I didn’t ever use it.”

Walter was back at work the next week. And, he says, that was the only time he had any pain. “Honestly, I didn’t have any pain or discomfort until I went up in a crawl space for an inspection and had to duck walk. That was my first week after surgery. That night I was a little sorry, but it didn’t kill me. Believe me, after shattering my pelvis, I know about pain. And with this surgery, I didn’t have any.”

Walter has mixed feelings about waiting 10 years, but says he probably should have had the procedure sooner. “On the one hand, there was better technology, but I wouldn’t advise waiting that long. CFO has done a lot of work for me. And they have done an excellent job each time. I have been busted up and all my procedure’s had great recovery time. If you’re afraid to go, just do it. Don’t be afraid. Go do it.”

There is, however, one drawback to having a new hip. Walter’s legs are now the same height again, but all his shoes have one inch rise on one side.

“After 10 years, I’ve got a lot of these shoes. Maybe I can take them back to the repair shop and have them all put back to normal.”

Thanks for sharing your story, Walter. If you’ve been putting off hip surgery because you’re afraid, take Walter’s advice. Call CFO and make an appointment with Dr. John Krebs at 440.329.2800.

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