Patient Drives Across Ohio for Dr. John Krebs’ Expertise

December 2, 2015

PaulBetterBack in 2004, Paul Metzendorf heard the bad news.  His knee was bone on bone. At the time, his current orthopedic surgeon in Warren, OH, had heard about a then-new procedure called a unicondylar (or partial) knee replacement, but he had never done one.  He let Paul know that he planned to travel to Sheffield to observe Dr. John K. Krebs do the procedure, since Dr. Krebs was a pioneer in the replacement field and had already performed many of these operations.

After doing much research, and with his old surgeon’s blessing, Paul decided it was worth driving the hour and a half to go to Dr. Krebs for his own partial knee replacement.

“I was very impressed with his knowledge of the procedure which was new back then. Dr. Krebs put in my partial and I had a great recovery. I was back on the golf course in a minimal amount of time.”

In fact, Paul’s recovery was so much faster than a total knee replacement, that his co-workers at Packard Electric took note. He knew four colleagues with knee trouble and told them about the new procedure being done at The Center for Orthopedics.

Paul says, “You know, a local guy might mean well and recommend a full replacement because that’s what he’s comfortable doing, but that doesn’t mean that’s what’s best for the patient. I was happy to help my friends out and all four of them ended up going to Dr. Krebs to get their knees done.”

Now, over 10 years later, Paul’s other knee is giving him trouble.  After a misstep on the golf course, Paul had new pain in his other knee that came and went, until it came and stayed. After suffering for about a year, he came back to Dr. Krebs and was diagnosed with two problems —  a torn meniscus and severe cartilage wear.

“We decided to buy a few years on another partial replacement and start with the arthroscopy to take care of the meniscus. The recovery has been phenomenal.  I’m flabbergasted by how little swelling or pain I have, especially when I compare it to the other scopes I had with my old surgeon prior to 2004. My Physical Therapist said my strength and flexibility are already good. Whatever he did was much less invasive and damaging than my previous experiences.”

Paul is still recommending The Center for Orthopedics and Dr. Krebs to his friends out in Warren, and it’s not just based on Dr. Krebs expertise and experience.

“One of the many things that makes Dr. Krebs so great is that he took the time to understand what was important in my life. I’m 64 years old and I realize life is short and I’m trying to live it by being active and doing different things. I want to stay active in my church life and I want to stay out on the golf course.  I love to be outdoors and he knows that’s important to me and takes it into account when we talk about treatment options.”

Are you suffering from knee pain? Have you been told you need a full replacement? Don’t hesitate to contact The Center for Orthopedics for a first or second opinion. Call us today for a consultation at 440.329.2800.

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