Sisters Get Knee Replacements on Same Day

September 28, 2016

Dr. Stanfield does bilateral knee replacements, on the same day, for sisters Jill and Sheila.

img_0672Sisters share a lot of things — clothes, secrets, orthopedic surgeons. Well, that last one is probably unique to Sheila Pavlik and Jill Mourino, who both had total knee replacement surgery, on both knees, with Dr. William Stanfield. And, yes, they got them done on the same day.

As it turns out, sharing genetics meant sharing deteriorating knee cartilage at approximately the same rate. Both Jill and Sheila’s parents had total knee replacements, so they knew there may come a time when they would opt for the procedure. They didn’t necessarily expect to do it in tandem, however.

It was Sheila who was first referred to Dr. Stanfield and she recommended Jill go shortly thereafter. Before long, they attended their appointments together and even got corticosteroid injections at the same time before their vacation up in the Smoky Mountains.

But eventually, shots were not cutting it, and the women were candidates for total knee replacement at the ages of 55 and 57.  Jill has seen a different orthopedic surgeon a few years earlier that didn’t want to do the procedure on someone that young.  But she said Dr. Stanfield had different information about technology available and a sharper focus on quality of life.

Jill says, “He was more on top of the latest advancements in knee replacement and told me the tech he used could potentially last 20-25 years. My last doctor said 10 years, and I sense he just wasn’t willing to take me on as a patient. Dr. Stanfield was way more flexible and knowledgeable. We agreed that it came down to experiencing a better quality of life out of these next 25 years.”

The two sisters were in agreement about returning to their active lifestyles and about the date for surgery, July 11th.  Dr. Stanfield performed the bilateral knee replacements that day and both woman were in the hospital for only three days. Afterwards, they were transferred to a short term rehab facility in Avon for a week.

They are now on their 9th week of recovery and Sheila has returned to work. Jill says she would “absolutely recommend” TKR with Dr. Stanfield and The Center for Orthopedics.

“Everyone has been so supportive and nice. The physician’s assistant, Eric, is amazing. The staff is great. We’ve had on-time appointments. Over labor day I was telling people. ‘When you’re ready go see someone about your knees, go see Dr. Stanfield. He is knowledgeable, caring and concerned about what you want.’ I always felt he was talking with me and not at me.”

If you’re suffering from knee pain, call the Center for Orthopedics for a consultation with Dr. Stanfield today at 440.329.2800. You do not need a sister to be a good candidate for knee replacement.

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